" I've visited Emma twice now and both times I've left after the shoot feeling like a totally different, positive person. Emma understands every feeling and emotion her ladies have and embraces every single one. Emmas guidance through the shoot makes it the easiest thing in the world to do. I felt comfortable, at ease and to say I'm thrilled with the images would be an understatement. Total professionalism with all the important extras such as, understanding and kindness. A truly uplifting, amazing experience from beginning to end. Thank you Em ❤ " - Vikki W


In love with this.....looking at this what I see is a happy woman....with herself....its a strange feeling to feel so happy with myself as I have only ever seen the flaws and hate who I am. Just like many others I have had a million and one demons to face but thanks to the beaut Emma who has helped me through the journey to my body and MYSELF and to love all the little crazy things that make me happy no what other may think. THANK YOU EMMA!  We all go throw ups and downs in life but once the storm clears there is peace and beauty.....never let yourself forget who you are and what makes you happy. 


" Emma is the women to go to if you want to give yourself a breastfeeding reward with beautiful photos! And you truly wont be disappointed with the outcome but you will also gain so much more from the experience. Emma is a beautiful lady inside and out that knows her trade and knows how to make you feel comfortable and confident.

I tried to explain as best I could what i wanted from the images and Emma just seemed to know and understand, she was extremely approachable and easy to talk to and before I knew it the day had arrived.

Emmas studio is in her own home and she has created her own beautiful workplace which is so much more inviting and intimate than your usual profession photography studios. Emmas studio workplace is welcoming and you feel almost instantly at ease just from the environment and surroundings, a sort of home from home feeling which is exactly what you want from a breastfeeding shoot but this doesn't take from her professionalism and pride in her work.

I often look at the photos from both shoots and have little flash backs to the two sessions and have the hugest smile on my face. Its not necessarily something my son will want to look at the older he gets but I know its for certain something I will still be looking at with pride and emotion when I'm grey and old. From our first shoot I remember Emma commenting on our bond, and that has stuck with me everyday since, i think about it on my lowest mum days and smile, the photos were a bonus but that comment for me was what i really took from the shoot as my reward, that an Emmas friendship " - Natasia F

 " I first met Emma years ago... I was feeling lost I was suffering from body dysmorphia and depression.... I had seen a boudoir shoot she did for a friend and wanted to be brave enough to do something like that.... But was worried about my post birth body and stretch marks but I needed have worried at all....I was greeted with a smile and a hug and was made to feel amazing the whole time I was there... I felt so at ease with Emma she explained everything!! Made suggestions and only shot what I was happy with. I left feeling empowered and beautiful... Yes BEAUTIFUL! I have been back may more times, each time she has brought me back up smiling and feeling like a strong woman..... Emma loves shooting real women and if your body has stretch marks scars lumps and bumps your even more beautiful to her....I highly recommend a shoot with this wonderful lady this is her passion and it shows through her work. "


" Emma see's you, truly see's you. She has the amazing ability to capture your soul on camera. She is lush. It took a while for us to finally meet as I have been a huge fan of her work. When I did it was everything I had hoped for. As a photographer she creates a feeling of ease, gives excellent direction so you get the best from the shoot. Her goal is to make all women see their beauty...she succeeds and I bow before her. I am all about body positivity and she is my goddess. X " - Cerise's A


" I have been to see Emma 3 times now, and each and every time she has made me feel and look amazing!! From the first time I stepped into her studio she was a true professional, but also made me feel like her friend! 

We chatted about life for a while, then about the shoot and what we wanted to achieve from it, she made me feel totally relaxed and gave me all the guidance I needed .......what then came from Emma/Camera/Me was truly breathtaking! 

It was hard to believe that it was me at first! This has happened each and every time I have been to see her. These shoots have not only been a fantastic opportunity and a massive confidence boost, they have made me love myself and the body I have been blessed with! 

If you are thinking about having a shoot with Emma, I would say stop thinking about it and just do it, drop her a message she is the most lovely, honest, non judgmental woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Go on - what you waiting for gather some underwear, paint you nails, get your hair and makeup done! Do and wear what makes you feel beautiful and special ....Trust me, You will not regret it.... " - Anne F

 " Hi em, I just wanted to send you a quick update and to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! meeting you and helping me the way you have I cant thank you enough. I see everything so differently now I feel proud of my body and my life I still have the post notes on my mirror with my favourite photo ;-) I haven't been able to say I love my body and my life in very long time but you changed all that xxxx " - Ann R


It's taken me some time to put in to words what my photoshoot meant to me. First off I just want to say thank you, mostly for capturing a side of me I haven't seen in a long time. It was about being 'me' again and letting go of everything that has been going on around me lately. You were so welcoming and put me at ease instantly. This image really struck me when I first saw it because of the smile, I smile like this every time I think of our day together. I first got in touch with you because I felt you captured what I was after. You really didn't disappoint! Thanks again, truly ❤️


'Thank you Emma for being a miracle worker and making me feel amazing! Despite being very nervous I was put completely at ease the whole time and am so happy with my pics. This has been a much needed confidence boost for me and I feel so much better now. This has really helped to get me back on track. Thank you so much 😘😘'

" it wouldn't have mattered if Emma didn't take any photographs just being around her chatting was amazing! and made me feel so much better I can't thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do xx"


" Wow, never would I have thought I'd look at a photo of me and go wow is that me, that's sure is what I've done several times in fact since you showed me my sneaky peek photo. Never did I think I could look sexy at my size, I don't think I've ever felt sexy infact. Your amazing lady and your work is amazing, infact you should be prescribed through NHS for self confidence and self - esteem, because thats what you do, you given me that glimmer that i can be sexy, i can be who I want to be. I'm so blessed I met you.

I'm absolutely speechless your photos brought me to tears today, I don't have the words to convey exactly how I feel. I can't believe that those photos are me, never ever did I think I could look like that, fat people aren't sexy is what we are led to believe, well!! I can't actually still bring myself to say out loud, I can whisper it in my head 😘😘😘😘😘😘 I can't thank you enough, I'm so glad I found you. And If anyone is thinking of doing it and doubting themselves. Go for it ladies. " - Natasha M


" After losing over 6 and a half stone I was feeling great but in my head I wasn't happy with how it had left by body looking. After hearing about Emma's work I built up courage to book an appointment. She was so reassuring and understanding all the way through the shoot. When I saw the photos I couldn't believe it was me. Totally empowering experience but more importantly a psychological fixing of my hang ups about my body. "

 " Just wanted to say a huge thank you for today , not only did you make my wife very happy but may i say what a wonderful person I think you are, to hear you talk so selflessly about giving your all to other people to make them happy was very humbling. I'm a bit of an emotional kinda girl an I had to hold back tears. Absolute pleasure to meet you and your family :) xx "


" I had never had a photoshoot before my maternity shoot with Emma. Even though I loved my pregnancy body I was a little nervous before my photoshoot,as I had no clue how to ‘pose’..I shouldn’t have worried at all! Em made me feel like I was with an old friend, I totally relaxed and felt confident & comfortable. Such a natural gift for envisaging what you want from your photos...even if your not quite sure yourself! I absolutely love my maternity photos I will always treasure them. Thank you so much Emma, your a beautiful soul and so incredibly talented at what you do x "


" I have had the pleasure of having two photoshoots with Emma and every time it has been such a wonderful experience. Boudoir shoots can be a bit daunting but Emma has the gift of making feel at ease straight away, guiding you gently on how to pose, giving you little tips and gradually increase your confidence until you feel like a million dollars! She’s so kind and approachable and her attention to details is what makes every picture a work of art. I can’t recommend Emma enough, she is a beautiful, talented lady with a gorgeous heart. "

" I’ve been connecting with Emma Online for distance healing sessions and it has reinforced deeply that there is no separation. 

Emma has an uncanny way of creating an open, coherent, safe, loving space where you feel free to express and expand yourself.

Our last session created an opening and I was able to share one of my deepest wounds/traumas. I had never fully opened up to anyone about my experience. Emma you made me feel safe, loved and appreciated as a spiritual being. I felt held, seen and understood.

Thank you my beautiful sister for extending your energetic body across the ocean and connecting with me in-depth!

You’re beloved sister, Allison." 

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