About Emma

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Its kinda hard to put into words what I do and for long time I struggled what to call myself thinking I had to separate it all but take away the titles and what was left was that the photography the yoga, the art dance and movement its all connected because it brings us back to our bodies our heart and soul and I just create an opening to hold space for you.

I first discovered yoga 8 years ago but 4 years ago I had a deep feeling to find a yoga teacher and that's when my yoga journey really started.

I gained SO much from having 1:1 yoga lessons attending a class was far to intimidating and because I was suffering with agoraphobia it wasn't easy it also made me feel that I wasn't excluded that I could also be on this journey with yoga and for that I am forever grateful to my teacher, mentor, friend Emma Jones who is an awesome beautiful human.


 Yoga has helped me SO much I was suffering from crippling anxiety, panic attacks, depression and PTSD which led to 14 years suffering with agoraphobia because yoga impacted my life  I decided to take my yoga teacher training in Hatha yoga so I can share how yoga has helped transform my life which I don't say lightly!  It continues to support my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health to this day.

I have been photographing and holding space for women for over 9 years Photography has been truly healing and empowering not only for myself to hundreds of women I have photographed. 

I have a deep love for helping women whether its through photoshoots, yoga, art. I am passionate about mental health and sharing my story to help others and how our bodies hold onto trapped emotions and trauma our bodies truly are a work of ART

Cant wait to connect with you :-)

Much love 


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