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Hello! I'm Emma I live in Gloucester with my partner and 2 teenage sons and our dog Nina.

I first discovered yoga 8 years ago but 4 years ago I had a deep feeling to find a yoga teacher and that's when my  journey really started I will be forever grateful to my teacher Emma Jones Yoga who has helped and continues to help me on my journey.

" we're all just walking each other home " - Ram Dass
 Yoga gave me my life back! before yoga I was suffering from crippling anxiety, panic attacks, depression and PTSD which led to 14 years suffering with agoraphobia because yoga impacted my life in a big way
 I decided to take my yoga teacher training in Hatha yoga so I can share how yoga has helped transform my life and these practices continue to support my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health every day. I am also very passionate about Qigong 
which I discovered a while ago and I have completed 150 hours Qigong training.
I also love to share the magic of these practices because Qigong has been truly amazing in supporting me, another amazing tool to have in my tool box!

I am So passionate about helping women find their inner goddess power!
to feel empowered in their mind & body either through boudoir photoshoots, yoga, mindfulness movement or art.
Photography, yoga, movement, art helping women see their beauty their hearts and strength 
it fricken lights me up!

I have been photographing women for over 9 years and photographing myself for 7 years taking self portraits has helped me heal so much around my body and sexuality, doing the self portraits and the yoga has been incredibly powerful! BOOM!

Much love 

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