Self-Love Experience

" You are magnificent beyond measure, perfect in your imperfections and wonderfully made" ~ Abiola Abrams


Allow yourself to be fully seen, express and explore deeper let yourself go shed any part of you that wants to judge get validation, to feel the aliveness of your whole being.


These sessions are RAW, EMPOWERING and  LIBERATING

" Wow, where to start...

Emma is incredible she is a healer a goddess a miracle worker Emma really understands you she gets you she is so kind her studio and home where I was welcomed in so warmly it's like we were friends and knew each other forever.

My photos are amazing! the whole experience was just out of this, world! she captures your soul and heals you at the same time. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I met you YOU have helped me so much and for this I will be forever grateful." - Sarah A

These sessions are designed to go deeper to give you the opportunity to really see your core nature to awaken your body and allowing your mind to surrender.​


There are two ways to experience a self-discovery Photoshoot session with me: 



Option 1,

Raw photoshoot experience 


  • You can book a Photoshoot on its own.

  • You can also add this to the end of your Boudoir/portrait photoshoot.


Option 2, 

The sacred experience 

where you will experience the whole package which includes:


  • We will Start with a self-love guided meditation.


  • exploration chat.

  • photoshoot session.

  • Self Love Healing.





This experinace goes a little deeper than a boudoir photoshoot its powerful and healing not only do you get this empowering healing photoshoot I will also guide you in a self love meditation.

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Love & Light


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