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We're all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass


Movement is medicine.

Hi I'm Emma

My passion is helping women feel empowered to find and feel the magic and power of yogamindfulness movement, and self-love.

I am passionate about sharing my experience's because yoga gave me my life back! before finding yoga I was agoraphobic for 14 years suffering with crippling anxiety and panic attacks

very stressed and lost.

yoga really has helped me find me I know that sounds cliche but its true! The combination of yoga and mindfulness and movement has helped me find my inner and outer strength it gave ritual, self-love

a deeper understanding of my body and mind.

 My aim is to teach women the mind body connection through these practices to feel empowered in their mind and body, to feel seen and heard to help women to connect back to parts of herself

that may have been lost.

" I'm all about how it feels in our bodies, getting out of our heads and into our bodies! "

yoga is SO much more than the poses! Its not about what the pose looks like its about what it feels like. Yoga to me isn't just about what happens on the mat its a way of life, its what happens off the mat, its living a more compassionate wholehearted life, it supports our wellbeing, our mental and physical health, emotional and spiritual  a connection to ourself and others.

    I have years of experience holding space for women through therapeutic photography sessions and I have also completed training in meditation, holistic counselling, dance & movement therapy and tantra which is full of yummy self love practices! I am very passionate about Qigong and I'm really looking forward to incorporating these practices, because these practices have supported me in my healing to.

 I have a deep respect for yoga and martial arts philosophy and I love to combine traditional yoga with new developmental movement and practices. I am here to share with you what I have learnt through my own experiences and continue to learn and to Lovingly hold space for you.

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