Holistic Counselling

The journey of a thousand miles begins by finding your shoes. - Old Chinese proverb

Holistic Counselling.......

is an approach where we address all aspects of a person's being: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My passion as a Holistic counsellor is to empower and support you to find your own answers to your own questions to help you discover/remember who you really are to support you to reclaim your inner strength and freedom.

I became a Holistic Counsellor because I have a HUGE passion to help others heal and grow I spent many years feeling lost, unsure of myself constantly searching outside myself for the answers, looking for someone who understood me and could help me heal my past trauma.

I hold a safe healing space for you to express and explore who you really are.


Why Holistic Counselling.....

I believe Holistic Counselling gives us a much stronger and deeper level of change and self-awareness to really help us explore and embrace all aspects of ourselves to create change that will helps us with every day to day life to heal to gain inner peace and joy that's lasting

as well as:

  • Emotional healing

  • Greater self-esteem and confidence

  • Self-love and care

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Greater awareness / higher levels of consciousness

  • Spiritual and personal development

  • healthier relationships

  • Greater creativity    

Holistic counselling also offers a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving to have a better understanding of yourself.

Who am I really? Why am I here? Where do I want to go?

" I’ve been connecting with Emma Online for distance healing sessions and it has reinforced deeply that there is no separation. 

Emma has an uncanny way of creating an open, coherent, safe, loving space where you feel free to express and expand yourself.

Our last session created an opening and I was able to share one of my deepest wounds/traumas. I had never fully opened up to anyone about my experience. Emma you made me feel safe, loved and appreciated as a spiritual being. I felt held, seen and understood.

Thank you my beautiful sister for extending your energetic body across the ocean and connecting with me in-depth! "

You’re beloved sister, Allison.


Sessions are held in my safe private holistic room where we will explore a range of different practices to help you in your healing and personal development some of these include: 


  • Talking therapy 

  • Meditation 

  • Dance &  Movement therapy  

  • Art

  • Self-love healing practices

  • Mantras and sound

  • Breath practices 

  • Working with your chakras 

  • Being your cheerleader and supporting you every step of the way! Also helping you bring your ideas and visions together 



What can Holistic counseling help me with......


  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Addictions

  • Assertive issues Communication problems

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Grief Bereavement Guilt and shame issues

  • Personal Growth

  • Relationship issues

  • Self-confidence

  • Stress

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Spiritual direction


I also offer sessions over a video call 

or over the phone counseling. 


 I am also a Tantra practitioner, Meditation 

 Teacher, Chakra dance therapist, Artist, and a Fine Art Boudoir Photographer plus the biggest of all student of life.

What happens next?

Please fill out the inquiry form below, to arrange a complimentary 20 minute phone or Skype call to connect and explore your current situation and to also determine if I am the right counsellor for you to work with. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to  contact me 


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Love & Light


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